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Greek Cuisine

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Greece is well known for its love of great fresh food and drink, and a festive, warm style of dining. Being a central port from the dawn of history, Greek cuisine draws on many influences from the Middle East to Southern Europe, yet has long-standing unique traditions of its own.   

Greek CuisineAuthentic Greek cuisine begins with high quality whole foods to create flavourful dishes that speak for themselves. Asteras specializes in Cretan Greek foods, world-renowned traditional recipes known for their flavour, quality and health benefits. The island of Crete boasts the lowest mortality rate in the world, attributed to the healthy diet of its inhabitants. As a small island surrounded by ocean, Crete has naturally developed many fabulous seafood and fish dishes. Herds of sheep and goats provide for splendid roasts as well as the famous Greek cheeses that make up many of the vegetarian dishes in the Greek diet. Greek food is best accompanied with the drinks and wines that have been made in Greece for centuries, such as ouzo and retsina.

At the heart of an authentic Greek culinary experience is the taverna – the small village restaurant characterized by warm, welcoming hospitality, a festive and lively yet relaxed atmosphere, fresh and abundant food and drinks, and of course music. Asteras Taverna brings this unique experience to Nanaimo, offering a true experience of traditional Cretan Greek food in an authentic environment. 


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